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Here I have links to all my non-blog output. It would be really rad if you were curious about other stuff I write and/or willing to support me a wee bit.

Amazon Kindle Books

I have four e-published Kindle books. My author page is here. The individual books are:

“Ghost Town,” a short story (by way of shorter sample) is also available in Coup de Gras.
Coup de Gras was originally published as a handmade zine in 2006, about six months that I spent in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. It also includes quotes and news articles from external sources.
Noise Gate is a zine/short story combination about punk rock, physical disability, and what it means to be part of a subculture.


If you are interested in my books but genuinely don’t have the $4 (or the Kindle) required to purchase them, here PDFs. The honor-system cost of downloading the free version is to review them (honestly review them) on Amazon, please, so that maybe hopefully you inspire somebody else to buy them:

Ghost Town

Coup de Gras

Noise Gate 


I wrote novelizations of the first two seasons of the BBC Television show Sherlock. I posted them on (link goes to my author page). Here are pdf versions for downloading/so that you can see my lovely formatting:

Season One:

A Study in Pink

The Blind Banker

The Great Game

Season Two:

A Scandal in Belgravia

The Hounds of Baskerville

The Fall of Reichenbach

Other Stuff

I’ve been lucky enough to have some publications accept my submitted work.

“Tin Soldiers,” in Slice Magazine, Issue #1

“Ghost Town,” in the New Fiction Writers podcast, February 2011 (I can’t find the archive. I’m looking.)

Hives, Damn Hives, and the Internet,” in The Morningside Review, fall of 2011.

If you are a publisher or an editor of a magazine or podcast and would like to re-publish any of my works or hire me to produce new ones, I am available for that, just leave me a comment somewhere. Longer lead times is better because I have a day job and am not the fastest writer.

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