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On December 26th, I woke up at 3am and caught a bus to the airport. We were leaving the city and crossing the plains (Denver’s airport is east of the city) when the sun came out for the day. It didn’t seem to rise as much as shine through a place where the night sky […]

 I don’t know if you watch The Simpsons, but there’s an episode from either the first or second season where Bart is in danger of failing the 4th grade. He has to pass a history test, or he won’t go on to 5th grade (irony being, of course, that Bart has continued on in the […]

This is an excerpt of a piece I wrote about New York this semester, about why I moved here. I really like this one part so I thought I’d share. When I was a kid, New York was NYPD Blue, the title sequence with fireworks and the Chinese dragon and percussive subways. Andy Sipowicz’s violent […]

I’ve seen the same woman on the Q a couple times now, mostly in the early morning. She sits in one of the end seats, the ones that are only big enough for two people. She piles stuff next to her, as well as on both seats across the aisle, then falls asleep. She either […]

Quiet Afternoon


It’s snowing in New York City today. Sometimes, there are these little moments when I’m in awe that I live here. Mostly those moments come when the Q train is going over the Manhattan Bridge and it’s 7:00 in the morning and the sunlight is all gold and orange, and you can see the skyline, […]


I wrote this in my notebook back in August (8/19 to be exact), and then it got lost and not posted. I don’t know if it’s worth posting, but here it is. I’m sitting in the quiet backwoods of the Met. Watching people browse through, and art students sketching. Since I’m a student, I can […]

Back before Christmas, I met up with my friend Shayla to eat waffles from the Wafles and Dinges food truck and go Christmas shopping. I took the subway most of the way there, but I had my bike, and when I met up with her at 59th and 3rd (where the food truck was), in […]



Riding the subway as I do, I see subway buskers on a pretty regular basis. And I don’t mean subway station buskers (which invariably have a drum kit which just sounds loud and cacophonous), I mean people doing various sorts of entertaining on subway cars. It’s an interesting illustration of the selective blindness and deafness […]

born to lose, i live my life in vain all my dreams have only caused me pain all my life i’ve always been so bluuuuuuuuuuuue born to lose and now i’m losing yooouuuuuuuuuuu –The Bouncing Souls The world is so full of stories of happily-ever-after. Our current culture really doesn’t tolerate stories of despair; Shakespeare […]

Since August of 2010, I have (in no particular order): -spent $80,000+ (school and living expenses) -gotten a boyfriend -lost a boyfriend -went to get diagnosed with ADD -received a diagnosis of depression -moved twice -got an essay published -wrote two newspaper articles -failed to write as much as I wanted -ate Pinkberry -ate Chipotle […]