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Say hello to the random baby otter that I downloaded from somewhere on the internet and put into my pictures folder and then forgot about. So, life has clearly been getting in the way a little bit, and I need to build my writing habit back up. This entry is partly a placeholder and a […]

I did not write this. I got it from tumblr user makingfists. They’re deactivated their account, though, and I really don’t want it to disappear, so I’m posting it here. Hopefully makingfists doesn’t mind. I relate to this story SO MUCH and want to keep it. It’s like this… You’re fourteen and you’re reading Larry […]

Dear Internet, Shut the fuck up. No, seriously. I get that you have an opinion on everything and one of the glorious things about the digital age is that you have the power to share your opinion with everything and everyone, but there are many things that a) are not your business b) your opinion […]

There’s a quote attributed to JC Watts: “Character is doing the right thing when nobody is looking.” The Internet could be the human race’s first true test of this maxim: What do you do when you perceive yourself to be anonymous and invisible, to not be at risk for consequences? If you use your Internet […]