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The triumphal return, both of my Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ listening series, and of the Bosstones themselves. The album was released in 2007, and coincided with the return of the Bosstones from a three-year hiatus and of the Hometown Throwdown (which was suspended during said hiatus). I associate this album with a lot of happiness. First up […]

Aaaaaand we’re back. First up in my brain is, why didn’t I write about Where’d You Go? five years ago (jesus, five years ago, that’s completely weird somehow) when I wrote about the Bosstones’ other EP, Ska-Core, the Devil, and More. Who knows. Maybe because Ska-Core has such a funny origin story about how I first started listening to […]

It snowed several inches last night, and it’s like one degree outside today, and my car’s power steering is broken, so I’m stuck in my house and thought that I’d return—long overdue—to my listening series of the Mighty mighty Bosstones’ discography. Up today (and hopefully my laptop’s battery lasts as long as the album does) […]

On December 26th, I woke up at 3am and caught a bus to the airport. We were leaving the city and crossing the plains (Denver’s airport is east of the city) when the sun came out for the day. It didn’t seem to rise as much as shine through a place where the night sky […]

On my way put of Boston. The clouds are shining silver in the early morning sun. Most people at the Buck are probably still sleeping. I heard “Disappearing.” I heard “Haji.” The Bosstones can still, no matter what else is going on in my head, make me forget everything and have a good time. I […]

The return of the “Bosstones Discography Stream of Consciousness” series. Today we have More Noise & Other Disturbances, the Bosstones’ second full-length album, the last one on the Taang! record label, the first one with Joe Sirois and the first one that really introduced (in unavoidably in-your-face fashion) the plaid theme that would run through […]

Where is it we’re going? Who was it who said it? Which stones are worth throwing? Who will we discredit? A pathetic aesthetic In a world less poetic It’s not where you come from, It’s going, go get it. –“Where You Come From” The return of the “I listen to all the Bosstones albums and […]

“Kinder words here we could pick. A kind approach might do the trick. Hurt you, hurt me–well that needs to stop. Kinder words here we could choose. We’ve kind of got a lot to lose. The temperature, we need that to drop.” –Mighty Mighty Bosstones, “Kinder Words” Last year sometime, when I was more successful […]

We’re not building bombs Or storing ammunition, We’re just playing songs Hoping people will listen.   –MMB, “Our Only Weapon”   Don’t Know How to Party is the Bosstones’ major label full-length debut.  I’m not sure where in the line it falls on when I got it (understand: I started listening to the Bosstones in […]

Step right up, ladies and gents The last dead mouse costs fifty cents It’s a steal at any price, Gone once gone once gone once gone twice. Half a buck, last in stock Be the first one on your block. No need to walk, no need to feed, satisfaction guaranteed.       –Mighty Mighty […]