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H2O Go


I originally wrote this in like 2006. It was published in one of my┬áSpandrel zines, but I decided not to include it in my e-book, so I’m posting it here for posterity’s sake. 1. Water is the only substance that naturally exists is gas, liquid, and solid form outside of a laboratory setting. 2. The […]

Words of Wisdom


The last two years, when I was so depressed, one of the things I hated about it was how it skewed my view of reality (see this entry). How it made me think that nobody would even notice if I just evaporated. It created a self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d behave as if all the things that […]

One of the only sitcoms that I make an effort to watch is The Big Bang Theory. It’s also one of the only sitcoms, outside of The Simpsons, that makes me laugh out loud. When I first started watching, I enjoyed that there were socially maladjusted nerds on tv who weren’t just the butt of […]