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Episode Four: Not-Chris-O’Donnell’s cover is blown! Oh noes! His life mission to anonymously bring Justice(!) to Starling City lasted like a month. Peter Parker is making Judgment Face at you, not-Chris-O’Donnell. Be ashamed. Okay, so actually, not-Chris-O’Donnell’s bodyguard got shot, and so not-Chris-O’Donnell brought him to his Secret Justice Lair to fix him (because Starling […]

I wrote this in high school, fifteen or sixteen years ago, but found it recently. The comic book referenced throughout is┬áthis one, one of the first independently published comics that I ever got into. It’s wildly violent but also wildly funny and sad. I think I mostly wrote this essay to prove to some English […]

I met some people along the way, Some of them split, some of them stay, Some of them walk, some walk on by, I’ve got a few friends I’ll love till I die. From all of these people I’ve tried to learn, Some of them shine, some of them burn, Some of them rise, some […]

I read Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton on the Monday after Christmas (well, yesterday and Sunday), since I wanted to return it to the library before I left town. I was struck by some weird parallels between my life and Mr. Wheaton’s, even though our lives are wildly dissimilar (for example, I was never […]