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And all of my 19 followers (I love you all, even the spam bots): Spandrella’s not dead, only sleeping. I’m working on A Project which will hopefully be done in a month or so (and which you will see when it’s done). I didn’t mean for it to derail my blog so completely, but I’m […]

This review was first posted to my Goodreads account over here. “What happens after you die?” is probably one of the oldest questions humanity has ever asked itself (along with “What will I eat in two hours?”). For a long time, it occupied our attention strictly in a metaphysical sense, wondering about souls and the […]

I first posted this review on my Goodreads account over here. This review is going to be necessarily short–a reflection of the amount of passion I felt for the book while reading it (and also a reflection of the fact that I finished it a month ago, and my memory is fading fast). So I […]

I first posted this review at my Goodreads account over here. When I decided to read a poetry book to review, I decided to go for a book that I’ve been meaning to read but was pretty sure that, absent external incentive, I never would never actually get around do: Walt Whitman’s epic* Leaves of […]

I first posted this review on my Goodreads account over here. I try to be fair with reviews. I really do. If I don’t like something, I tell you why I don’t like it, and/or what I typically DO like, so that you (Gentle Reader) can evaluate my judgments, and decide for yourself if the things […]