Product Placement

photo.JPG I figure I’ll spend some time talking about what I wear on my bike. Since I spend so much time on my bike and preparing to be on my bike.

From the bottom:
On my feet I have Teva Links sneakers. They’re cycling shoes, but ones without cleats on the bottom, which is good as I just ride on platform pedals (I want this to change soon). They have stiff, grippy soles and stiff, sturdy uppers. I love them because my feet don’t slide around in them, so I can pedal for miles and miles without jamming my toes into the fronts of my shoes. I’m trying to remember to untie them before I take them off so that I don’t collapse the heels like I have in every other pair of shoes I own (I never untie any of my shoes).

Wool socks. Since it’s winter, as thick as possible.

Synthetic long underwear bottoms. These are mid weight REI brand that used to be my dad’s, that he passed along to me when he gained too much weight to fit into them anymore.

Shorts. I have two pairs of mountain bike shorts. One’s a pair of Fox cargo shorts, the others are Specialized. I could probably wear some other shorts, but I pretty much always wear one of those two (really, I pretty much always wear the Specialized ones). What I’m looking for is a pair of shorts with a gussett in the crotch so that I’m not sitting on a seam on my bike. I don’t wear padded bike shorts (so far on rides under 15 miles I don’t need them, so I figure why bother), so generally all I’m looking for is as little cloth as possible in the nether regions.

Shirts! I love Icebreaker. Have I said I love Icebreaker? They make wool clothes. I also have a pair of Icebreaker long underwear bottoms, but I hardly ever wear them on my bike because I don’t want them to wear out in the crotch (wool is less durable than synthetic, but it also catches fire in a less spectacular fashion). Pretty much all of my shirts that I wear on my bike are Icebreaker wool. Wicks, doesn’t get stinky, doesn’t rub my skin the wrong way the way synthetics do.

Oh, and a Moving Comfort sports bra.

So anyway. I wear a bra. Then I wear a super-lightweight Icebreaker short-sleeve shirt that’s meant to be worn next to skin. Since it’s been so cold, I usually wear two other Icebreaker layers as well: a lightweight long sleeve base layer (that’s purple!) and a heavy-weight long sleeve shirt that’s not quite a sweater, but almost. These three together keep me warm even at 6am and 20 degrees. Over that in the morning, I wear a Gore-Tex shell layer that zips up over my neck and keeps the wind out. On my way home, it’s usually warmer and I ditch the Gore-Tex.

I had a pair of knit mittens that I wore on my hands until I lost them at the Tattered Cover. Now I just wear usually two pairs of those cheapass $2 gloves you can get at Target and in grocery store lines. One pair is still too cold. As I’m riding if it gets warm I’ll peel off one pair. I have bike gloves but don’t always remember to wear them; they don’t seem to do much to stop my hands from going numb.

And a little Icebreaker beanie that fits under my helmet. And a helmet! Bern helmet. Which I think I will want to replace as it gets warmer. But right now it helps keep my head warm.

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