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An Open Letter


Mental Retardation A. Significantly subaverage intellectual functioning: an IQ of approximately 70 or below on an individually administered IQ test (for infants, a clinical judgment of significantly subaverage intellectual functioning). B. Concurrent deficits or impairments in present adaptive functioning (i.e., the person’s effectiveness in meeting the standards expected for his or her age by his […]

Quiet Afternoon


It’s snowing in New York City today. Sometimes, there are these little moments when I’m in awe that I live here. Mostly those moments come when the Q train is going over the Manhattan Bridge and it’s 7:00 in the morning and the sunlight is all gold and orange, and you can see the skyline, […]


I wrote this in my notebook back in August (8/19 to be exact), and then it got lost and not posted. I don’t know if it’s worth posting, but here it is. I’m sitting in the quiet backwoods of the Met. Watching people browse through, and art students sketching. Since I’m a student, I can […]

“The Black Thing burns unless it is counteracted properly.” —A Wrinkle in Time People ask me how I’m doing, or what I’m doing, and it’s hard. I struggle to define it to myself, to others. Why didn’t you call me last week? “I was sad.” Why didn’t you turn in that essay on time? “I […]

Back before Christmas, I met up with my friend Shayla to eat waffles from the Wafles and Dinges food truck and go Christmas shopping. I took the subway most of the way there, but I had my bike, and when I met up with her at 59th and 3rd (where the food truck was), in […]