My Year in a List

Since August of 2010, I have (in no particular order):

-spent $80,000+ (school and living expenses)
-gotten a boyfriend
-lost a boyfriend
-went to get diagnosed with ADD
-received a diagnosis of depression
-moved twice
-got an essay published
-wrote two newspaper articles
-failed to write as much as I wanted
-ate Pinkberry
-ate Chipotle
-ate Shake Shack
-saw the Mighty Mighty Bosstones four times
-saw Strike Anywhere once
-saw the Bouncing Souls six times
-stopped checking Facebook
-started this blog
-lost touch with Robin
-learned Spanish
-went to the Met 3 times
-read Harriet the Spy
-read From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
-rode the subway
-rode the Metro North
-rode the LIRR all the way to east LI by accident
-got in a fight on the subway
-got a job
-ate pizza
-walked in Central Park
-watched Dr. Who
-grew out my hair
-cried myself to sleep
-ate cupcakes
-saw Purim celebration
-went kayaking
-went hiking in the White Mountains
-drove to the top of Mt. Washington
-protested in favor of the Park51 center, Sept 11th, 2010
-took lots of photos
-started antidepressants
-stopped antidepressants
-drove to Boston
-took the bus to Boston
-bought pants
-went to the Strand bookstore twice
-bought amazing chocolate in Union Square
-downloaded Lady Gaga songs
-saw Neil Gaiman speak
-lost three coffee cups
-eaten Nutella with a fork
-visited Occupy Wall Street
-cried in front of a professor
-saw Brooklyn’s Afro-Caribbean parade thing
-went to Brooklyn Art Museum
-been driven off 3 subway cars by smelly homeless drunks

…and more, probably.

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