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i was just listening to an interview on Fresh Air (<3 Terry Gross) with ian somebodyorother, a (canadian) father whose son has an extremely rare genetic condition that causes global physical and cognitive delays. his son is ambulatory, but can't feed himself (he's had a feeding tube since he was a neonate; he's 15 now) […]

My first week back in town, I went to pick up my little sister at Target, where she works one shift per week (reminder: my sister has Down Syndrome). She met me in the little cafe area, and she had to do something with her purse (take her wallet out/put it back in), and actions […]

old news


my sister got fired from her job at Target. when I went to pick her up from work in june, I was approached by her manager, who told me (she had been intending to tell one of my parents, but I was the one there to pick her up that day) that meg had been […]

Status Pending


The following is a collection, mostly of Facebook status updates, that I have made since moving to New York City in August of 2010. August 12th 8:47 pm Overheard the following in a Denver coffee shop: “Colorado is like REAL America. Not like New York or some place. New York is like…the world. Colorado is […]